What We Do

CrossFit Greer is a facility that strives to help every client achieve their fitness goals. We are here to push you to limits that are hard to reach on your own. Whether you are just training to live life or training for a triathlon we firmly believe that our program will help you to far exceed your expectations. I won’t lie the workouts are hard but addicting! The community of people is awesome; it’s more than a gym or workout—it’s a lifestyle & community!

You will lift heavier than you ever have in your life, you will run faster than you ever thought possible the results are amazing! We can scale any workout to fit your ability; We can specialize it for you. We have CrossFitters of all ages young and elderly! Whether you are dealing with injury or health issues we can put something safe together for you!


Keep the elderly moving

For teens a cool place to hang (skip the Globo)

For our regulars come for your daily A$& whoopin!!!!

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.

The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease and cage fighters one month out from televised bouts. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs.

The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. Our terrorist hunters, skiers, mountain bike riders and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.

Thousands of athletes worldwide have followed our workouts posted daily on this site and distinguished themselves in combat, the streets, the ring, stadiums, gyms and homes.

Crossfit publishes the CrossFit Journal, designed to support the CrossFit community detailing the theory, techniques, and practiced by our coaches in our gym, in essence bringing your garage or gym into ours, making you a part of the CrossFit family.

Information provided by CrossFit.com

Meet Our Trainers

At CrossFit Greer, along with our incredible community, the trainers all love watching as everyone breaks through their mental barriers and are able to achieve something that they never thought possible.  Having the opportunity to train and help others to feel just as much a part of our community is priceless to us!

Jenn Green

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Before CrossFit, Jenn just ran for exercise…Not very fast or far and then she was introduced to CrossFit in 2008. Jenn remembers her first WOD – 4 Rounds 800m Run, burpees & box jumps. She couldn’t even finish the WOD, but came back for more and has been crossfitting ever since then!

CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Rowing, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certifications

“Be the change you want to see in this world.”

Regan Green

Regan Green

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Regan was always athletic and loved most all sports but always felt intimidated in a gym environment. His wife Jenn who is also a trainer here at CrossFit Greer convinced him to give CrossFit a try and he has never looked back. Through the CrossFit program, including nutrition, Regan has lost 27lbs and is on his way to becoming a Ninja! He loves olympic lifting and is CrossFit Level w certified and CrossFit Olympic Lifting certified. He has been coaching since 2010.
Justin Bell

Justin Bell

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Kayla Bell

Kayla Bell

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Kattie Traffie

Katie Traffie

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Kristen Parkkonen

Kristen Parkkonen

Level 1 Certified

Kristen will push you to your absolute limits; she is an incredible motivator!
Amanda Chalke

Amanda Chalke

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Jeff Hudgins

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Jennifer Stefanacci

Crossfit Level 1 Certified

Mike McDonald

Crossfit Level 2 Certified

Ashlee Kellett

Crossfit Level 1 Certified


All memberships, other than Drop-Ins, are unlimited class sessions.

“Drop-In’s” are individuals who have been CrossFitting for a minimum of 3 or more months, visiting the area, and are looking for a place to get some workouts in. Contact us first to let us know when you will be joining us!



Workout without commitments

$15 / per class

Foundations Classes

Introduction to Crossfit

$55 / per session


Going solo? No worries join our community!

$140 / mo


Get fit and enjoy classes together!

$250 / mo


Join our community with your friends!

$120 / mo

Military, LEO, Firefighters

Get on a workout schedule that keeps you on track; with unlimited classes!

$120 / mo - Individual

Let’s Get Moving!